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Our 12 committed Christian counsellors and psychologists, in North Parramatta, offer counselling for ministry workers and everyday struggling Christians.

We provide professional, objective counselling to all comers, regardless of belief system or background, without discrimination.

We have core expertise in psychologist servicesmarriage counselling, and adolescent and family therapyWe debrief and support missionaries, pastors and church leaders.

When you contact us, we will help you choose the best match for your situation from our psychologists and mental health qualified counsellors.

We are open daytime and after hours, Monday to Saturday, including evenings.

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You simply want good counselling…

Most of our clients do not have a faith background, and don’t care about their counsellor’s religious background. They choose us because they want good counselling.

If that is you, then you want a therapist who really listens, who is an objective and experienced professional – someone you can trust and feel comfortable with.

Our counsellors do not push their own personal or religious agenda against your wishes. Our commitment is that we will not raise or do anything religious unless you specifically raise it first.

After all, you are paying for a professional service to meet your goals. You are the client. Our professional commitment is to build a respectful relationship with you on all levels.

Therapy as we practice it, utilises the best, professionally recognised and evidence-based counselling approaches.

If you are a Christian…

Bridges Counselling - Christian

We share your worldview

Christians seek a Christian counsellor or psychologist as someone who is like minded, just as another person may prefer a counsellor of similar ethnic background.

If that is you, the Christian dimension is a vital part of your life. You want your values, beliefs and spirituality respected. Choosing a Christian psychologist or counsellor is often the easiest way to ensure that.

“People come to Christian counsellors for two reasons,” says Randolph Sanders, executive director of the Christian Association for Psychological Studies, an association of Christians in mental health and behavioural sciences.

“One is faith perspective; they want a therapist who resonates with their worldview. The second is moral ethics; they want a counsellor who understands what guides their decisions.”

We share your beliefs and values

We can promise you that whatever your Christian or religious background, we will respect your faith and values. Many times, sadly, our clients have related stories of seeing professionals who do not respect their Christian values, especially around marriage.

Pamela Paul from Psychology Today writes “Studies show that people prefer counsellors who share their religious beliefs and support, rather than challenge, their faith. Religious people often complain that secular therapists see their faith as a problem or a symptom, rather than as a conviction to be respected and incorporated into the therapeutic dialogue”

We see our gifting is in drawing upon the best psychological wisdom and counselling practice in helping struggling Christians. We don’t aim to replace what the local church is best able to provide, such as Christian community, pastoral support and prayer.

Our training in Christian counselling

All of our registered counsellors have studied or taught in at least one of these Christian counselling institutions:

Nearly all of our registered counsellors have graduated with Masters degrees from Excelsia or Morling colleges, and are registered members of CCAA, the Christian Counsellors Association of Australia.

Our work in other Christian based organisations

Members of our team have worked in diverse Christian-based counselling organisations:

  • Anglicare Counselling (Anglican Counselling)
  • Baptist Community Services (LifeCare)
  • Excelsia College (previously Wesley Institute)
  • Hillsong Counselling (CityCare and Hillsong Health Centre)
  • Morling Collete
  • Salvation Army Counselling
  • Servants of Jesus (which provides charismatic catholic counselling)
  • Wesley Mission

If you are a church leader or pastoral counsellor…

Bridges Counselling - Christian CounsellingPastors regularly ring us when they feel out of their depth with church members struggling in their marriages or with mental health issues.

If you are a Church leader, you may appreciate our reputation as an independent Christian counselling centre. Christian organisations and Christian schools regularly make referrals to our counselling services.

We at Bridges Counselling wish to partner with church leaders in our joint work of helping and empowering those in need. We can relate to the variety of difficult pastoral issues you may be facing as a church leader.

Most of our team have at least some formal theological training. Some have completed theological qualifications. All of us have taken significant pastoral and leadership roles in churches.

Frequently Asked Questions

As a church leader, how to I refer people to Bridges Counselling?

Pastors and churches regularly ring us when they feel out of their depth with church members struggling in their marriages or with severe mental health issues.

Church leaders appreciate our impartiality, confidentiality and objectivity as an independent Christian counselling centre. Various Christian organisations and Christian schools recommend us for our Christian based counselling services.

We wishes to partner with church leaders and pastoral counsellors in our joint work of ministering to and empowering those in need. All of us at Bridges Counselling have taken a variety of pastoral and leadership roles in churches. We can relate to the variety of difficult pastoral issues facing church leaders.

In working with Christian clients we sometimes partner with pastors, with the written permission of clients of course. We find that Christians who are well connected into a supportive church community often work through issues more quickly.

We seek counselling but we are not religious. ‘Christian counselling’ sounds spooky to me. How do you work?

Our team promises to respect your culture, beliefs, background and life journey.

Our therapists do not push their own personal or religious agenda against your wishes. Our commitment is that we will not raise or do anything religious unless you specifically raise it first.

After all, you are paying for a professional service to meet your goals. You are the client. Our professional commitment is to build a respectful relationship with you on all levels.

We would like to receive prayer in our sessions. Do you bring the scriptures into counselling?

We will do whatever is most helpful for the therapeutic goals of our clients, but we will never impose it on you. The context and purpose of our meeting is offering the best professional therapy to help you reach your goals.

At the same time, if you wish to bring Christian issues into the session, we will do whatever is in your best interests as our client.

Would you ever tell us that we should leave our marriage?

We believe that marriage is designed for a lifetime. Yet we are also realistic about the enormous damage that may occur with marriage whether through unfaithfulness, domestic violence or exceptional emotional abuse.

As Christian counsellors we do not see it as our role to make decisions on behalf of partners in a relationship. It is really up to the partners in the relationship to make their own decisions.

As counsellors, we can offer a process of respectful communication, compassion, problem solving and wise exploration of consequences, so that you have a basis for decisions.

We are Orthodox / Catholic / Anglican / Pentecostal / Other. Who would you recommend for us?

All of our counsellors are committed Christians. We represent most major Christian denominations, so we aim to help you find a therapist from our team that you are comfortable with faith-wise.

We are a Muslim couple. We want a religious person to counsel us because they will respect us as people of faith. Is that how you work?

Yes, we will work with your goals, and the process of therapy will normally challenge and confront you. However, we are not in a position to judge you or to pursue any agenda that undermines your beliefs. That is part of our professional and ethical code of conduct.

We have served as missionaries and would like a counsellor who understands our work

A number of our team have served as missionaries. A number of our team have theological training. We will explain the options so that you can make an informed decision.

Do you do any type of church ministry in your counselling centre?

We do not do what would be considered a specialised ministry of the church. We see a clear division between our professional counselling work and specialised church ministry. This is in line with the Code of Ethics of CCAA, the Christian Counsellors Association. We would refer you on to someone who specialises in the form of ministry you seek.

My partner is antagonistic towards the Christian faith, but I am a Christian and would like them to attend your centre

We would like to persuade them that we are professionals who are neutral and nonjudgemental, and who will respect his beliefs and boundaries.

Nevertheless, if they have been very badly hurt by Christians in the past, we understand. Then we would ask you to consider whether it is worth the risk by placing unnecessary hurdles or triggers on their path.


Are there any question we have not answered? Please call us today for your free phone consultation.